Will That Educational App Help My Child Learn?

I will be the first to admit that I am obsessed with technology and how it can better education. I am always trying out new apps and seeing how they can help in my educational world. But, I have been asking myself a lot over the past year as I have been in and out of writing this blog, “Are the apps getting better, or just being doing slightly different?” For example, I have come across a TON of apps that help create stories. Whether it be on the web, tablet, or phone, they all are generally the same, but have little differences here and there. Is one better than the other? I honestly don’t know.
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Google Classroom Keeps Evolving

When Google Classroom was launched about a year ago, I was very excited to get my hands on this platform. The one thing I really appreciated and was excited for was that you could tell Google put this piece of software together with teachers and students in mind. From day one, it has been a useful tool for the classroom. And today, Google is making Classroom even better. Here are a few things that they are implementing.
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Osmo: Get One, Give One

If you have never heard about Osmo, you really need to check it out. It is a device that makes your iPad into a physical learning tool for students. Using the Osmo device, there are four different games that you can play. Masterpiece, which is a drawing app, Words, which is a spelling app, Tangram, a puzzle app, and Newton, a fun game where you can use physical objects to get a ball into a zone. Granted, me explaining Osmo to you is not the best, so here is a video showing you how it works.

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Google’s Free Education Webinar That You Can Watch From Your Bed

As an educator, the one thing that I have admired about Google is their ability to embrace K-12 education. They have slowly over the years introduced software as well as hardware specifically targeting both teachers and students to help create a better learning environment. Well, Google has done it again with offering up a webinar geared specifically toward educators. The cool thing about this two day webinar that they offered is that not only can you “attend” it from anywhere in the world, but it was also free! What was also nice about this two day webinar was that Google recorded all of the sessions so that you can watch them at your convenience.

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HelloFax: Faxing Without The Fax Machine

Till this day, it still surprises me that when I walk into a school office and see a fax machine. How in the world are we still using fax machines in this day and age? I am still befuddled by it, but instead of fighting it, I choose to embrace the fax machine. Granted, no matter how much we hate it, we still have to fax things in the education world. Whether it be paperwork, PO to a vendor, or anything else, the fax machine still comes in handy. But, the problem with them is that they are getting old and expense that we don’t need. So, what if I told you, you could still have all the features of a fax machine, but without the cost of having to own or rent one? In fact, you can get rid of it altogether!  Continue reading